Principal Investigator

Aadel Chaudhuri, MD PhD

V Scholar & Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology (Cancer Biology Division), Genetics (by Courtesy), Biomedical Engineering (by Courtesy), and Computer Science & Engineering (by Courtesy)


  • BS, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (major), Biology (major), Biomedical Engineering (minor): Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mentor: Phillip Sharp, PhD) (2004)
  • PhD, Biology: California Institute of Technology (Mentor: David Baltimore, PhD) (2011)
  • MD: Stanford University (Stanford, CA) (2013)
  • Internship: Scripps Mercy Hospital (San Diego, CA) (2014)
  • Residency, Radiation Oncology: Stanford Cancer Institute (Stanford, CA) (2018)
  • Chief Resident, Radiation Oncology: Stanford Cancer Institute (Stanford, CA) (2018)
  • Post-Doctoral (Holman Research Pathway): Stanford University (Mentor: Maximilian Diehn, MD PhD) (2018)

Lab Manager

Lab Members

Nicholas Semenkovich, MD PhD

Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) Fellow

Irfan Alahi, MS

PhD Student (Computer Science)

Noah Earland, BS

MD/PhD Student (MSTP)

Paul Jones, BS

PhD Student (Molecular Cell Biology)

Erik Storrs, BS

PhD Student (Computational & Systems Biology)

Kevin Chen, MD, MSCI

Radiation Oncology Resident

Alex Shiang, BS

Medical Student

Faridi Qaium, BS

Computational Consultant

Prathamesh Chati

Undergraduate Student

Gabris Ni

Undergraduate Student

Breanna Yang

Undergraduate Student

Lili Greiner

Undergraduate Student

Andrew Chen

Undergraduate Student

Kaylee Chien

Undergraduate Student

Lowell Finster

Undergraduate Student

Christy Hanson

Executive Assistant to Dr. Chaudhuri